Today 2,500 square meters indoor, 10,000 square meters in open space board, with advanced systems technology, modern facilities combined  produced 40 kinds of products are presented to consumers.

Güngören Meat Products, established to invest in quality since the first day has continued unabated. In the meantime ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System documentation, this was the crowning quality.
Biggest prize for the Güngören Meat Products; with the unique delicious products over the years is to
win the admiration of all the people.
Güngören Meat Products, for 24 years with the same flavor and quality production, continuing operations, carried from generation to generation has become the heritage flavor.

24 years of quality and hygiene at least as important as the product tastes; meats are used in branded product, cuts under the control of the veterinarian in accordance with Islamic rules and derived from high quality animals.Meat product,happining in the control of food engineers with hygiene rules. All Güngören products, suitable for Turkish Food Codex meat products communicated.When quality and controlled production model, met up with a real sucuk, Güngören's unique flavor is emerging.

Güngören Meat Products while enjoying is proud to be one of the oldest brands of Cyprus,will move this unique flavour with same precision and quality.
Quality Policy