Güngören meat products with the identity of the manufacturer responsible for the full 24 years without compromising quality materials produces the same quality standards and unique flavor.Over time, following the latest production technologies Güngören Meat Poducts, will never give up the taste of the Turkey traditional methods. Güngören does not offer any products that they don't eat to the Turkey people.

Güngören's history started with wecarefully prepare for our family of unique flavors of homemade sucuk is looped from language to language.As a result of strong demand from the environment after
sales started,Güngören Meat Products in 1990, was established of Cyprus's first manufacturer of meat products.

Built on 10,000 square meters closed area of 2500 square meters open space, with the latest technology, which is one of Cyprus's current most hygienic slaughterhouses in modern production base, 40 kinds of meat products are being manufactured.All used in the production of unique flavor of meats,obtain from cattle slaughtered according to Islamic rules and  in the control of veterinarians.All meat used in the production of  Güngören Meat Products' unique flavor is, happining in the control of food engineers with hygiene rules. Quality and health stages, veterinarians and food engineers traced to raw materials are transformed into the unique flavor and offers the public with the 24-year warranty of Güngören Meat Products.

Güngören Meat Products will explain 24 years of production of sucuk;

First stage of Production of Güngören Meat Product's , medical report and certificate of origin after animals that come to our facility again checked by veterinarians and cuts in accordance with Islamic rules and hygienic conditions.

Second state of production; for the Güngören's real sucuk, made coarse minced from quality meats. For to become the most suitable Turkish palate, after native and natural spices stirring with the coarse ground meat, the mixture is left to rest for 24 hours. Drawn from a rested mixture of finely minced is filled into a natural casing and attaching the rope is hung on hangers. In the rooms that specifically designed for the natural environment to tasty sucuk , and outdoors occurs 6-8 day rest period. Accordig to Güngören Meat Products class quality check is performed and labeled. Güngören Meat Products store them in cool, dry and airy place before shipping to doesn't lose the flavor.

For Turkish people can meet the unique flavor,as an example to other sucuks ...